NBR/BCW Blackstrap Biter (SCA Sask Cup Race)

The biggest of club organized activities at Blackstrap, once a year and with the assistance of the BCW (Bruce’s Cycle Works) club, NBR and BCW host the Blackstrap Biter, one of the yearly Sask Cup Races sanctioned by Sask Cycling. Come get your cup points, a few laps through our marked and taped course and head home with a smile ear to ear of conquering some of the most technical race trails in Saskatchewan.

Legend has it that long, long ago, Vinnie the Gopher was first spotted at the Blackstrap Biter. He delighted in seeing each racer dart to and fro on the trail. Ever since then, Vinnie (and his children, grand children, and great, great grand children) have attended the Blackstrap Biter. Don’t miss out on the chance to have Vinnie and his family cheer you on at this iconic race.


This is the race that the race series is preparing you for!. This is one of the season’s Sask Cup races.

As per other years, we will be putting in a bypass option to help make the course more accessible for younger, injured, and newer riders.  The course is marked and and marshalled.

You must be a registered Sask Cycling member to participate.

Early Registration Perks

Register by April 30th, 2024:

– to be entered into a draw for a set of Shimano XT brakes ($400+)

– to be entered into a draw for a plush hoodie (4 will be drawn)  

– to be entered into a draw for random cool prizes

– to receive our early registration custom goodie

Don’t miss out!  Register early for your free items!


Varies by participant category, 2024 pricing is ~$65 for most or as low as $20 for youth.

– no walk ups allowed (preregister online in advance)


Scheduled Dates (2024):

  • July 7th 2024

Order of Events (for typical Sask Cup races, if year is the finals, the schedule will shift one hour earlier to allow for post-race Sask Cup medal distribution)

  • 9:00-10:15 AM Registration
  • 11:00 AM Race Starts
  • 1:00 PM Food and Prizes!
  • **a SCA yearly or one day license is required for this event (www.saskcycling.ca )


Registered participants will be emailed if the race is cancelled in advance. (check email as you are leaving if weather seems dicey)

If it starts to rain excessively at Blackstrap within 1 hour of race start (check radar) or if there are active thundershowers then the race is at risk to be cancelled. We will make a call coordinated with the SCA Commissaires; recent rain history and current trail conditions.


Elite, Expert, Sport, Novice, Youth.


Before joining us on a group ride please review the following:

Minimum Equipment Requirements:

  • Your bicycle must be a mountain bike or fatbike.
  • Your bicycle must be equipped with aluminum v-brakes (steel and plastic are not appropriate) or be equipped with disc brakes.
  • Your bike must have tires that are at least 1.9″ wide with off-road suitable tread (no street slicks allowed).
  • Your bicycle must be in good working order. This includes brakes that are operational, the bike will shift through the complete range of gears and the gears do not skip when pedaling hard.
  • Gloves (any kind will do) and eyewear
  • Water bottle holder with water (or small backpack with water)
  • It is a good idea to get your bike tuned up for the year before trail riding at a local bike shop.


Please do not attend if you are sick, suspect you have COVID, actively have COVID or have been asked to self isolate due to travel or because you are a close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID.

Air Quality in Saskatoon:

We will make every attempt to cancel rides by 3:30PM, however, weather doesn’t always cooperate and rides may be cancelled right up until the event start time”. Please use the following weather guidelines to help you determine if our rides are a go. If the air quality indicated above is in the red, all rides will be cancelled for the day, any riders wishing to still meet up, are doing so outside of our organized club activity.