The NBR Women’s Ride program has been teaching women to mountain bike since 2002.  Our goal is to help you gain the skills you need to enjoy trail riding.  We are a well-established club that provides a great atmosphere of learning and fun.

Learn to Ride was created for women who want to get more comfortable in their riding abilities, and also for women to increase their bike handling skills.  Are you thinking about enjoying the trails in Saskatoon or at the lake?  Learn the skills and improve your fitness to take you to your first event.

Starting Mondays early May, Ending in June from 6:30-8:00.  Mondays will be filled with the basics of climbing, descending, cornering, gearing, fitness and fun. All rides are coached by NCCP certified coaches and all you need is a freshly tuned-up mountain bike and helmet.

Pricing for this program is:  $150 which includes $10 NBR membership fee, $55 for Saskatchewan Cycling Association membership fee, and $85 for the Women’s Ride fee).  As an NBR member, you will also be able to come out to our other group rides on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well as to our social events.

For questions about the program, please contact:  

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All lessons meet at the Sutherland Beach Dog Walkers Parking Lot – first west road (Beef Research Road) after Attridge and Central Ave. Drive northbound from the intersection of Attridge Dr. and Central Ave., taking your first left onto a gravel road, drive until you arrive at the parking lot.

Before joining us on a group ride please review the following PDF documents.

Cyclist Responsibilities
Trail Rules

Minimum Equipment Requirements:

  • The bicycle must be a mountain bike or fatbike.
  • The bicycle must be equipped with aluminum v-brakes (steel and plastic are not appropriate) or be equipped with disc brakes.
  • The bike must have tires that are at least 1.9″ wide with off-road suitable tread (no street slicks allowed).
  • The bicycle must be in good working order. This includes brakes that are operational, the bike will shift through the complete range of gears and the gears do not skip when pedaling hard.
  • Gloves (any kind will do) and eyewear
  • Water bottle holder with water (or small backpack with water)
  • It is a good idea to get your bike tuned up for the year before trail riding at a local bike shop.

Weather and Air Quality:

In the event that it’s been raining during the day the trails may not be conducive to riding, so it will be a pavement ride instead. The meetup may still happen but if it’s raining at ride time, there may be very few other riders.

We will make every attempt to cancel rides by 3:30PM, however, weather doesn’t always cooperate and rides may be cancelled right up until the event start time”. Please use the following weather guidelines to help you determine if our rides are a go. If the air quality indicated below is in the red, all rides will be cancelled for the day, any riders wishing to still meet up, are doing so outside of our organized club activity.

Air Quality Saskatoon

Last update: 09-06-23 07:00

Detector place: Clavet, Saskatchewan, Canada

AQI Level


NO2: 6.6 O3: 4.5 PM2.5: 158

3 m/s

1019 hPa

76 %