Hi there everyone—I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! The NBR held its first virtual AGM on September 16 and there was two notable changes. After a successful stint as President, Sasha K. decided it was time for change and declined another term. He was voted in as the new Trails Coordinator, replacing Garth Patterson. Garth also had an impressive and successful time in the Trails job—we have him to thank for the new green trail development and expansion at Blackstrap Provincial Park, as well as enhanced relationship with park staff. He will stay on as a Member In Large.

The 2020 elections went as follows:

President: Brad T
VP: Neil C
Treasurer: Kathryn T
Social: Cathy H
Communications: Brennan K
Trail: Sasha K
MALs: Ryder K, Garth P, Shea S (DirtKids coordinator), Dana A (Women’s Ride coordinator), Mike A

I’m looking forward with optimism to 2021. After a year like 2020, it can’t go anywhere but up!

Take care and bike safe(ly),

Brad Turk, President

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