As we mentioned last week, the first Tuesday ride for 2021 will be this Tuesday, June 8th, meeting at Blackstrap’s former ski hill parking lot “north lot” at 6:30pm.  We will have 20 participant spots including leaders this week.

To participate requires you to have:

  1. SCA registration completed (via ccnbikes)
  2. NBR Club registration completed (via ccnbikes)
  3. Signed up with cycleclubapp (details below)
  4. Reserved your spot in one of the groups with cycleclub app
  5. Completed the health survey in cycleclubapp, which is asking the same questions with the same intent as this link: 

Once you’ve registered on ccnbikes, it provides us your registration details so we can unlock your access on cycleclubapp.  The email address you provided during registration with ccnbikes is used so your email address used for each needs to match for success.

Cycleclubapp doesn’t need your real name or birthday, and also deletes underage user accounts (a consideration when providing bogus information).  NBR strongly recommends that you do not provide cycleclubapp your actual name or birthday.  When signing up, provide them a bogus birthdate and name, this is because we know who you are based upon email and member directory.

Getting started:

  1. Choose whether you are intending to use the cycleclubapp website, or app.  It is available from the Google Play Store, or Apple Store.  If you want to use the app on your phone, then open it there and set up your account.  Alternately the website can be used, either way works
  2. Once you are signed up with cycleclubapp, you need to find the NBR, it will ask to add a club, or if you already were using cycleclubapp you can “Switch Club” and then select “Find or Register a Club”.  This is what you need to add:
  3. Your dashboard should now show our upcoming activities, and allow tapping/clicking on the event
  4. Inside the event there is an icon that looks like a calendar, where you can reserve your spot in one of the groups:
  5. Closer to the date it will remind you to refresh your COVID-19 health survey, you can see it under the “Health” section in your profile.
  6. When the event is about to start, we can see if you’ve completed the questionnaire, and will take attendance.  In this case Brennan is ready, and the communications coordinator was inadmissible due to health concern, and anyone else would also be inadmissible as they were not “on the list”:

Why this extra pain and torture with cycleclubapp?

  • The SCA chose it as the method to address COVID-19 health concerns
  • It restricts participant numbers if necessary without turning away participants on-site
  • Provides an interface to ensure everyone has completed their health questionnaire
  • Provides participant tracking without using a pen on site
  • It could provide a method of communicating efficient cancellation should we need it

We will be unlocking cycleclubapp for members currently registered after this email is sent, if it is providing some sort of roadblock or difficulty getting into it, please contact me for resolution at

NBR Communications Coordinator

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